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Fiberglass batt

Insulation images

Fiberglass insulation is a man-made construction material used to limit thermal changes, as well as sound transmission, in buildings. It is composed of bundles of very thin strands of glass, which has a high surface area-to-weight ratio that makes it a lightweight, cost-effective, and practical option for both residential and commercial applications. Fiberglass insulation is packaged in bags that are installed along the walls and ceilings of a building during construction.  There are other fibrous material options available, however fiberglass insualtion is the most common insulation in the building industry.

Above you will find various images from projects that we have assisted in throughout Santa Barbara County. The above images consists of Eco - Friendly Fiberglass insulation, recycled Denim batts and Roxul sounds batts, ranging from R-13 ( 3.5") to R-30 (10.25").