closed Cell

spray foam Insulation images

Mixed on site, Polyurethane spray foam is an insulation material that offers the highest R-value per inch and eliminates gaps in the building envelope, common with traditional pre-cut insulation. Closed Cell Spray Foamis impervious to moisture, and it's an effective vapor retarder. It is also an excellent air barrier. Closed cell spray foam can be used under slabs, on below-grade or above-grade walls, in ceilings, or even roofing. Because of its density and glue-like tenacity, it also adds structural strength to a wall, ceiling or roof assembly.This means total mitigation of moisture, drafts, noise and other environmental effects. Benefit from lower utility bills for both heating and cooling due to the total insulating nature of the foam. 

Above you will find various images from projects that we have assisted in throughout the Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles Area. All of the images contain Closed Cell 2 LB Spray Foam Insulation, ranging from R-14 (2") to R-21 (3").


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